Term Training strives to be transparent in all dealings with students from enrolment through to graduation. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive student handbook available for view that outlines the policies and procedures that form the framework of student support before and during course enrolment.


As Term Training strives to deliver you with the best possible outcomes for any course you enrol into, it may be deemed necessary for you to complete a Literacy and Numeracy test either before enrolment, if you have expressed pre-identified learning concerns, or, at some time during the course if you are displaying difficulty with the content that is affecting your outcome. The administrative team or your trainer will advise you if this requirement becomes necessary.


For online training, participants must:

  • Use a device that meets the minimum System Requirements of Term Training’s e-Learning system, inclusive of modern desktop or laptop computers running a web browser such as Google Chrome Firefox, Safari or Edge/Internet Explorer.  Other personal devices (e.g. phones and tablets) may be compatible, but due to the variety available, we do not provide support with these types of devices.
  • Have a stable internet connection.
  • Use a device that can play sound.
  • Use a device with a camera/webcam

Non-accredited Training

What is non-accredited training

A non-accredited training course does not count towards a recognised qualification, but is specially designed to teach you relevant skills that will enable you to perform your job more effectively.

It is structured training or instruction delivered in the form of  short courses, product-specific training and industry or organisation-specific training.

Why would I enrol in non-accredited training

Normally you are looking to develop skills that are highly job relevant or organisation specific with unaccredited training. You are looking for more in-depth skills that will build on existing knowledge and that you can use immediately in real-life, on the job application.

Do I need to enrol formally?

It is best practice to ensure your training centre has your details so that they can provide the best support for you as a learner regardless of the course you are doing. This means that an enrolment form completion would be consider the optimum way to enrol along with your identification. You will then be able to access the student handbook and the entire support suite offered by Term Training.