Design and Install Solar PV

Online Solar PV course

UEERE0011 – UEERE0016 – UEERE0022

Term Training and Training Gate have partnered with this course to provide the knowledge and skill necessary for electricians and solar installers to successfully design and install reliable photovoltaic systems that are connected to the grid.

The approach to the delivery of this course is one of flexibility, designed for students who do not have the time to attend a face-to-face course or travel long distances. The web-based format of the course allows you to complete theory and practical tasks in your own time, allowing students to expand their knowledge and skills in the industry where it matters, on the job. If it is not possible to perform the practical components of this course in your current workplace, the trainer will work with you to find a local Clean Energy Council accredited installer you can partner with to fulfill these elements.

Online learning is conducted through Training Gate’s online platform and allows for flexible delivery of the theoretical content. Students will require a device (PC/tablet or similar) with a webcam to complete the online studies.
Additionally, students are required to install TWO solar PV grid connect system under the direct supervision of a qualified solar installer.

HOW DO I ENROLL? You can call or email Term Training on (07) 5665 9141 or email and ask for the enrolment information.

WHEN CAN I START? Once you have provided a completed enrolment form, ID and paid your course fee, you can start your training immediately.